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What is the EcoVadis assessment ?

The EcoVadis assessment enables you to launch a structured CSR approach by :

  • Documenting every ESF action and decision within your company. We work on your policies, your action plans and your KPI according to EcoVadis standards.
  • Creating a CSR document management system to track your progress over time.
  • Involving employees in your ESG strategy  through dedicated working groups.
  • Defining and implementing your futur commitments.

Our EcoVadis assessment support

As EcoVadis certified training Partner, Act For Now will guide you through your EcoVadis assessment and maximize your chances of obtaining a medal.

  • 1st meeting to define your ambitions
  • Review of existing assessment form, highlighting your organization’s strengths and areas for improvement
  • Assessment of your company’s CSR policies, actions and KPIs according to EcoVadis criteria.
  • Creation of a document management system
  • Document analysis and assistance in drafting CSR policies, procedures and reporting
  • Support in submitting the EcoVadis survey


Our references

We have helped many of our customers in France, the UK and the US to obtain their 1st EcoVadis medal. Our company was awarded the EcoVadis Gold Medal in its first assessment.

Act For Now is an EcoVadis approved trading partner ( EcoVadis Training Partners program). Our consultants have undergone in-depth EcoVadis training – Charlotte Briand, founder of Act For Now, is a former EcoVadis employee.

Our experts

  • Charlotte BRIAND
  • CSR Expert