Climate Fresk

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En quoi ça consiste ?

The Climate Fresk is a fun, educational 3-hour awareness-raising workshop aimed at understanding the causes and consequences of climate change, and identifying the levers for individual and collective action.

Plus d’informations

Organising a Climate Fresk gives your employees the opportunity to discuss concrete solutions that can be implemented. It’s an excellent starting point for launching your CSR approach. And a good starting point for taking into account everyone’s expectations and desire to act.

After reconstructing, illustrating and restoring the climate fresk, we lead a phase of identifying solutions adapted to your sector and your business context.

Duration: ideally 3 hours (the game can be simplified to 2 hours)
Format: on-site or remote via the Mural tool and the video solution of your choice (Teams, Zoom, etc.)
Face-to-face requirements: large 2m x 1m tables and video projector for the feedback phase.
To find out more, visit the official website of the Fresque du climat association.

You can also find the French version of the fresco here.

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